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In order to help fulfill the "Records Search Portion" of the standard ASTM/ESA requirement, Environmental Support Services (ESS) provides local, state and federal agency interviews, a detailed review of all public records, and can even obtain photocopies of all public files from the Fire Department, Building Department, Industrial Waste Department, County Environmental Health Department, Department of Toxic Substances Control and Air Quality Management District. No other company provides such a detailed description of a given site and vicinity as ESS.

The information obtained from the environmental records search will be summarized in a report within 10 working days of date received at the prices indicated below.

Minimum Agency Coverage- Building, Fire, County Environmental Health
Extended Agency Coverage- add DTSC, Industrial Waste, AQMD
Single Agency Coverage-  

Rush Orders (within 5 working days) add 50%

Northern California and
Out of State sites -
add 5 working days and $50 (Minimum Agency Coverage)
and $100 (Extended Agency Coverage)
Additional Research Time - per hour
Fax Report - per page
Furnish Report on CD - add 10% of invoice total*  

* Percentage may vary based on number of scans

Agency Search Request Fees are billed at cost plus 20%
DTSC - Department of Toxic Substances Control
AQMD - Air Quality Management District
ESA - Environmental Site Assessment
ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials
RWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board

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