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Since 1988 ESS has had the distinct privilege of working with some of the largest and most prestigious environmental consulting firms and banking institutes in California. The cornerstone of ESS is quality control and customer relations. Our entire staff, from the principals to the field representatives, has received extensive training and is enthusiastic about their work. We not only enjoy our work, we enjoy our clients as well.


Jeff Hazard, Founder
Jeff graduated from Stanford University in 1986 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. Jeff's original plan was to work in the U.S. oil industry, however, with that all but dried up by the mid-80s, he redirected his talents into the field of environmental research. Together with his wife Suzi, they have built one of the most respected environmental research firms in Southern California.

Suzi Hazard, Founder
Suzi graduated from Stanford University in 1987. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology. She has been in the environmental research field since 1988 and has earned the respect of her peers for her vast knowledge of the industry and her insight and intuitiveness.

Shannon Castagno, Project Manager
Shannon's experience in the industry spans over 15 years. She has served in many capacities at Environmental Support Services and knows the business from the bottom up. Her exceptional "people skills" make her an invaluable resource. She has cultivated strong, personal relationships with many agency personnel, which gives her a distinct advantage when it comes to "calling in a favor." Her attention to detail and outgoing personality make her the perfect individual for the position.

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